Home Heating Oil Delivery

At J.J. Donovan & Sons, we’re proud to provide prompt, reliable delivery of top-quality home heating oil so that we can keep our customers warm and comfortable all winter long.

Why Oil Is the Best Heating Option for Your Home

While there are many different home heating fuel options available today, we find that oil heat is a clean, safe, affordable, and reliable option for our customers. This means that you get the most out of your heating costs while helping to ensure a cleaner future for your family, your community, and generations to come.

  • Oil Heat Is Safe. Unlike gas, oil heat is not only a non-explosive fuel, but it’s also incredibly difficult to ignite. This means you don’t need to worry about your home or family’s safety when using oil. It will also produce visible signs like smoke or soot should your heating system malfunction, providing a clear warning of an issue.
  • Oil Heat Is Clean. Home heating oil burns 95% cleaner today than in 1970 thanks to advancements in technology, making it a great fuel choice for your property and our environment.
  • Oil Heat Is Efficient. Today’s home heating systems and heating oil itself are highly efficiency, allowing you to stay warmer during the coldest winter days while consuming less fuel. That also translates to savings on your energy bills!

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Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery

We are pleased to offer our reliable and hassle-free automatic oil delivery service to all of our customers. As an automatic delivery customer, there’s no need to monitor your oil tank’s fuel level on a regular basis. We’ll automatically schedule a delivery when you need it to ensure your home stays warm during the coldest winter months.

How the Program Works

When you sign up for our automatic delivery service, we’ll monitor your account based on your previous usage history and elapsed degree days. When our system indicates your tank needs a refill, we’ll automatically schedule and make a delivery. There’s no need for you to be home for the delivery. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!

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Will-Call Fuel Delivery

If you choose not to enroll in automatic delivery, we’ll set you up as a will-call customer. As a will-call customer, it’s your responsibility to check your tank’s fuel gauge and to call our office for a delivery when your tank is running low. The best time to schedule a delivery is when your tank’s fuel gauge reads between one-third (1/3) and one-quarter (1/4) full. 

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